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Related post: ogy and Development of the California Privet root; Abnormal structure of Dicotyl roots; Histology of a Dicotyl Tuberous Root, Aconitum 124-132 ROOT TUBERCLES. Definition; occurrence on roots of Leguminosae, Myricaceae, etc.; their etiology 132-135 THE BUD. Definition; plumule,, scaly buds, naked buds; Classifica- tion of Buds According to Position on Stem: terminal bud; axillary or lateral bud; adventitious bud; accessory bud. Classification of Buds According to Development: leaf bud; flower bud and mixed bud. Classification of Buds According to their Arrangement on the Stem: alternate; opposite; whorled 135-136 THE STEM. Definition; direction of growth; functions; size; nodes and internodes; stem elongation; duration of stems; stem modifications; above ground stems; herb and tree defined; underground stems; exogenous and endogenous stems. . . . 136-140 STEM HISTOLOGY. Annual Dicotyl; Perennial Dicotyl; Excep- tional Types of Dicotyl Stems; Lenticels and Their Forma- tion; Annual Thickening of Stems; Method of formation; "Annual Ring." Bark: Definition; zones; Periderm; Phello- derm; Histology of Cascara Sagrada bark. Wood: alburnum; duramen; microscopic characteristics of Angiospermous and Gymnospermous woods; Histology of Typical Herbaceous Monocotyl Stems; Histology of Typical Woody Monocotyl Stem 140-154 THE LEAF. Definition; leaf functions: photosynthesis; assimilation; respiration; transpiration 155 TYPES OF LEAVES DEVELOPED IN ANGIOSPERMS. Cotyle- dons; Scale leaves; Foliage leaves; Bract leaves: bracts and bracteoles; Sepals; Petals; Microsporophylls; Megasporophylls 155-156 XVI CONTENTS PAGES ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF LEAVES. Primordial leaf. Its formation 156 PHYLLOT AX Y. Definition; spiral law of leaf arrangement; alternate; opposite, decussate; whorled; fascicled; leaf rank. ..... 156-157 VERNATION. Definition; inflexed or reclinate; conduplicate; con- volute; circinate; plicate; involute; revolute 157-158 THE COMPLETE LEAF. Its parts; sessile; petiolate; exstipulate; stipulate 158-159 LEAF VENATION. Furchate; parallel; reticulate; pinni-veined; palmately veined; anastomosing veins 159 LEAF INSERTION. Definition; radical; cauline; ramal; perfoliate; amplexicaul; connate-perfoliate; equitant 159-161 FORMS OF LEAVES. Simple and Compound, (a) General Outline: ovate; linear; lanceolate; elliptical; oblong; inequilateral; or- bicular; peltate; filiform; oblanceolate; cuneate; spatulate; en- siform; acerose; deltoid, (b) Apex: acute; acuminate; obtuse; truncate; mucronate; cuspidate; aristate; emarginate; retuse; obcordate. (c) Base: cordate; reniform; hastate; auriculate; sagittate, (d) Margin: entire, Nitrofurantoin Monohydrate 100 Mg serrate; dentate; ^crenate; repand; sinuate; incised; runcinate; lobed; cleft; parted; di- vided. Forms of Compound Leaves 161-166 LEAF TEXTURE. Membranous; succulent; coriaceous 166 LEAF COLOR. Variations in color 166 LEAF SURFACE. Glabrous; glaucous; pellucid-punctate; scabrous; pubescent; villose; sericious; hispid; tomentose; spinose; rugose; verrucose 166 DURATION OF LEAVES. Persistent or evergreen; deciduous; cadu- cous; fugacious 167 GROSS STRUCTURE AND HISTOLOGY OF THE LEAF PETIOLE. In Monocotyledons. In Dicotyledons. Pulvinus. Peri- cladium 167-168 STIPULES. Definition; lateral; free-lateral; lateral-adnate; lateral- connate; lateral interpetiolar. Axillary; ochrea. Modified Stipules 168-169 CONTENTS XV11 PAGES Buy Nitrofurantoin Monohydrate THE LAMINA. Definition. Mode of Development of the Lamina of Leaves: Dorsoventral; convergent; centric; bifacial; re- versed; ob-dorso ventral. A. Dorsoventral: (a) Dorsoventral Umbrophytic; (&) Dorsoventral Mesophytic; (c) Dorsoventral Xerophytic; (d) Dorsoventral Hydrophytic. Gross Structure and Histology of Different Types of Dorsoventral Leaf Blades. Gross Structure and Histology of the following types: B. Convergent; C. Centric; D. Bifacial 160-173 STRUCTURE AND DEVELOPMENT OF STOMATA 173-176 HISTOLOGIC DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LEAVES OF DICOTY- LEDONS AND MONOCOTYLEDONS 176 INFLORESCENCE. Definition; Parts of Inflorescences; Determi- nate; Indeterminate; Mixed Forms of Indeterminate and Determinate Inflorescences 177-180 PR^EFLORATION. Convolute; involute; re volute; plicate; imbricate; valvate; vexillary; contorted 180 THE FLOWER. Definition; floral parts; essential organs; complete;
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